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AVOID SICK BUILDING SYNDROME: All sorts of nasties are living in your chute, smelling it up and causing sick building syndrome. Recent studies show biological and bacterial growths can occur on the inner surface of trash chutes and within the confined air space of the collection room.


Are your residents complaining about recurring colds, allergic reactions, watery eyes and foul smells in landings and hallways? Chances are, it's time to have your buildings trash chutes cleaned. Indoor air pollution is "the highest risk to human health among all types of environmental problems," according to a 1990 Environmental Protection Agency report. And indoor air pollution levels are often ten times higher than those outdoors.

In this modern world of public liability claims it is paramount that proven procedures are in place to prevent infections and illness. Garbage chutes are breading grounds for harmful bacteria and pathogens, some of these bacterias include Tuberculosis, Weils Disease from rodents, Salmonella, E Coli, Listeria and many more that develop quickly in discarded food and receptacles. Every time the chute door is opened these germs and bacteria become airborne. Cleaning of your chute is not only proving your commitment to providing a clean and safe building in terms of germs but also greatly lessens the risk of a fire generating from the garbage chute.


The Eco Systems Specialists trash chute cleaning program is a complete pre-treatment and pressure wash down of your buildings entire trash chute, intake doors, and trash room. We use powerful, yet environmentally safe, cleaning agents to pre­-treat and clean your trash chute, leaving a remarkable shine and cleanliness to one of the nastiest areas of your complex.



Our program includes:

  • Pre-treatment prior to the cleaning:
    The pre-treatment is with a bacterial cleaning agent to loosen ground-in food and waste impediments and is a grease and oil remover to penetrate nasty buildup in the trash chute.
  • Thorough high pressure (4,000 psi) wash down of the entire trash chute.
  • Hand cleaning of each floors intake doors to eliminate grease, grime, and smelly food build-up on each door.
  • Pressure cleaning of trash room and chute opening to wash away years of odorous trash buildup.