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Eco Systems Specialists, Inc. specialize in industrial and commercial applications for odor control. Our patented HLS ECOLO airSolution continues to amaze and gratify people who use it. People who thought living with offensive odors was simply a way of life.

Our airSolution eliminates odors by destroying the bacteria that create them. While other systems simply mask smells, much like perfume, our products wipe the air clean. HLS ECOLO airSolution� is a blend of 354 natural ingredients time-tested to successfully break down and neutralize odor molecules. Once in operation, the HLS ECOLO system is completely automatic, dispensing a fine mist of airSolution into the air in predetermined and regulated intervals, 24 hours a day.

Every living thing is composed of billions of microscopically minute molecules. These molecules have a finite life span and will eventually die, returning to a natural state. In the process, the decomposing molecules create their own parasitic odor causing molecules consisting of oxygen, water and bacteria. As these bacteria thrive in the water of the host molecule, feeding and decomposing matter and oxygen, they emit a gaseous odor, which is nature's way of telegraphing the decomposition process. This is what you smell.

HLS ECOLO airSolution breaks through the solid matter of the decomposing molecule, dries the water and releases oxygen, thus depriving the bacteria of an energy source. In such an environment, the bacteria die! The result is the elimination of unwanted organic odors. The HLS ECOLO dispensing system is non-aerosol, non-toxic, free of CFC's, environmentally friendly, ozone safe, non-hazardous, and safe for human inhalation.

One telephone call is all it takes to find out more about implementing a Eco Systems Specialists solution to your odor problem. Once you see and smell how well the HLS ECOLO system works we are confident you will want clean, fresh air for good.